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1  The way our drop shipping program works is anytime you get an order, you email it to us and we ship the merchandise to your customers.

2  You must provide us with a valid credit card, which we will keep on file, and whenever we receive an order, we charge the card. Alternatively, you can send us a check with an open line of credit.

3  Our drop shipping costs vary depending on the amount of items and where it is going. The shipping costs are not included, that depends solely on the carrier’s charges.

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Drop-Shipping with Manufacturer Greenix Eco-Friendly Products

Drop shipping is a very cost-effective e-commerce business solution for expanding your product selection without a substantial investment in inventory and inventory management.  U.S.-manufacturer Greenix Eco-Friendly Products drop shipping process is simple:  after your customer places an order for safe, eco-friendly, and 100%-effective dog shampoo and pest extermination products, notify us via email, phone, or fax to ship the order.  We promptly ship the merchandise worldwide to your customer with your return address, using your shipping company or ours.  Customers are unaware that Greenix is your manufacturing supplier, you save time and money, and you increase your revenue without a large capital expenditure.

Drop-Ship Greenix Eco-Friendly Products, Private Label or Custom Formula Products 

We can drop-ship any Greenix Eco-Friendly Products pet care and pest management products. If you need an exclusive natural custom or private-label product drop shipped, our world-class scientists and entomologists develop the most advanced green cleaning and pest control formulations in the market.  We can drop-ship:

  • Custom-blended formulas to match your specifications

  • Exclusive, proprietary green formulas to fulfill a new need (add ingredients or fragrance within our guidelines to create unique custom products)

  • Formulas developed to comply with Food and Drug Administration requirements

One-Stop-Shop Drop Shipping Advantages

Drop shipping Greenix Eco-Friendly Products enzyme-based, natural products can catapult your e-commerce business to the next level.  With our manufacturing capabilities and access to scientific experts at the forefront of technology, we are a powerful drop-shipping business partner with full-service marketing support. 

Drop shipping advantages include:

  • No cleaning or pest control product development costs

  • No inventory management or storage

  • No warehouse expenses for storing merchandise

  • No large capital investment in inventory

  • Products are shipped by Greenix Eco-Friendly Products to your customers

  • Expand your inventory with in-demand green products effortlessly

  • Update your website product selection immediately

  • No minimum required, only purchase products your customers buy

One-Stop-Shop Drop Shipping Advantages

What environmentally-friendly items do your customers want?  Are they looking for child-safe, pet-safe formulas, or do they need aggressive natural and organic pest management and pest extermination products that eliminate bedbugs, lice, mites, and other insects?  Our trained staff will help select the right products.

Our satisfied customers include many large corporations as well as small businesses.  We support customers with Amazon businesses by uploading products to their account and shipping.

For more information or to speak to a representative:

Call: (+1) 800-660-2440

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